Types of melanoma

09/03/2018 | MELANOM KOŽE

There are several types of melanoma.

1. The superficial spreading melanoma is the most common type of melanoma (70%). It most commonly occurs in patients with a large number of moles and with clinically atypical moles on skin areas that are more exposed to the sun, on the trunk and legs.

2. The nodular melanoma has the appearance of a node and typically develops rapidly and quickly gives distant metastases (15-30%). Mainly occurs on the trunk, head and neck. It is the most dangerous form of melanoma.

3. Acral melanoma (2 – 8%) is rare in the white race and the most common form of melanoma in black and Asian population , in which represents 60 – 72% of all melanoma. This form of melanoma develops and in the area of the palms, feet and fingernails.

4. Melanoma of mucous membranes (nose and oral cavity, of the vulva and anorectal region) is extremely rare, and can be clinically dark brown to black, and sometimes pink in colour.

5. Amelanotic melanoma (2 – 8%) is a form of melanoma missing colour, therefore it manifests itself with a skin colour or a slightly red colour. If there is also a little brown colour, it is called a hypomelanotic melanoma. Because of the lack of colour, it can be similar to benign or malignant variants of various other changes in the skin and often goes unnoticed by the patient and the doctor.

Therefore, it is very important to have a skin examination once a year by a dermatologist who will, along with a dermoscopic and clinical examination, also examine and photo-document each skin change.


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